Mimi Valdés went from magazines to multimedia success.

Valdés is creative director for Pharrell’s i am OTHER, a multimedia company that works in music, apparel, philanthropy, film, video, and whatever else Pharrell wants to explore. Hers is a simple title for a complicated position where she is responsible for an astounding number of things. “Album covers, music videos, live concert performances, I’m in charge of executing all of that,” says Valdés, adding that she is not as directly involved with the fashion side of Pharrell’s growing empire. She is working on so many projects simultaneously that she has taken to listing each on its own index card. The stack is more than an inch thick.

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ROMNEY: Syria is Iran’s route to sea.
No, it really isn’t.

Food stamps... how much do we really pay? - Scary Mommy

A married person with one child making $50,000 a year will pay exactly $3,820 in federal taxes. Of those, $2100 is allocated to Social Security, and $725 is distributed Medicare. This leaves a whopping $995 to be used to pay for programs administrated by the Federal
government. That money is broken down below in its entirety:

  • National Defense $247.75 / 24.9%
  • Health care — $235.81 / 23.7%
  • Job and Family Security — $190.05 / 19.1%
  • Net Interest — $73.63 / 8.1%
  • Veterans Benefits — $44.77 / 4.5%
  • Education and Job Training — $35.82 / 3.6%
  • Natural Resources, Energy, and Environment — $19.90 / 2.0%
  • Immigration, Law Enforcement, and Administration of Justice — $19.90 / 2.0%
  • International Affairs — $15.92 / 1.6%
  • Science, Space, and Technology Programs — $9.95 / 1.0%
  • Agriculture — $6.96 / 0.7%
  • Community, Area, and Regional Development — $4.98 / 0.5%
  • Response to Natural Disasters — $3.98 / 0.4%
  • Additional Government Programs — $78.61 / 7.9%

The category needed for examination is “Job and Family
Security”, which comprises 19.1% of all of the $995 paid in. In the
future I will examine other categories in more detail. The breakdown of
the $190.05 is listed below:

  • Unemployment insurance — $22.88 / 2.3%
  • Food and nutrition assistance — $36.82 / 3.7%
  • Housing assistance — $19.90 / 2.0%
  • Earned income, Making Work Pay, and child tax credits — $32.84 / 3.3%
  • Supplemental Security Income — $18.91 / 1.9%
  • Federal military and civilian employee retirement and disability — $43.78 / 4.4%
  • Child care, foster care, and adoption support — $5.97 / 0.6%
  • Temporary Assistance for Needy Families — $6.96 / 0.7%
  • Railroad retirement and additional income security — $4.98 / 0.5%

If the media were doing its job in this election, the story it would be telling over and over is that Mitt Romney’s qualification for the presidency consists of a career at Bain Capital about which we know essentially nothing; that his economic plan is the most massive transfer of wealth to the rich from the rest in the history of the country; that he arrogantly, petulantly and suspiciously refuses to play by the same financial disclosure rules that have applied to presidential candidates since his father ran; that his foreign policy team is a reunion of the neocon club that gave us Iraq; that the health care reform he championed in Massachusetts is virtually identical to the Affordable Care Act he promises to repeal; that he has changed sides on climate change, gun control, a woman’s right to choose and so many other issues that the only consistent theme in his record is the urgency of pandering to the right, a spinelessness he is unlikely to abjure as president; and that Republican efforts to suppress voter turnout may well send him to the White House.
Marty Kaplan: Romney/Ryan and the Lullaby of Lying


Michael Chase


Michael Chase